Best Tools for Productivity in Your School

Jeff Horton
2 min readFeb 13, 2023


Plenty of online tools can help you manage your studies. Here’s a list of some of the best. These tools will help you organize and solve any study problem.

Soshiku — organization

The web tool Soshiku helps keep track of your work and deadlines. It also allows you to save notes and attach files.

Write Monkey — focus

With Write Monkey, you can focus on your studies and not be distracted by other activities. It features a full-screen mode that will allow you to ignore programs that may interrupt your attention. It also has various features that will help improve your writing, such as dictionary entries, word stats, and encyclopedias.

Dropbox — portability

One of our favorite study productivity tools is Dropbox, which allows users to store their work in a secure environment. It can be accessed on various devices and lets users share files with others. For free, users can keep photos, documents, and videos up to 2GB.

Nirvana — productivity

Nirvana, a task-management app, is one of the most valuable tools for boosting productivity. It can help users create projects, keep track of their work, and export their to-do lists.

Evernote — note keeping

With the free online tool Evernote, users can easily save their work and studies from anywhere. Use it to organize and save various files, such as PDF documents and videos. It can also help users reduce the need for paper notes.

Quizlet — revising

Quizlet is an excellent tool for revising and memorization. It can help users create sets of tests and practice exercises and has various games that will help improve their learning.

StudyBlue — collaboration

With StudyBlue, users can easily connect with other students who are also working on the same topics, and it can help them collaborate on projects. It has various features, such as group messaging and self-assessment.

Hippocampus — alternative sources

Hippocampus is a great resource for auditory and visual learners because it has a wide variety of multimedia content. This alternative learning method provides a more engaging way to absorb information, unlike reading lengthy articles and books.

Grammarly — Proofreading

One of the most effective tools for improving one’s writing skills is Grammarly, which has a browser add-on to help users check their grammar and spelling. It can also help them learn how to fix their mistakes.

With the help of tools like productivity software, it can be easier to manage your time and keep track of your studies.

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