Tricks To Keep Your Kids Interested In Learning During The Pandemic

Many schools are officially closed due to the global health crisis. Some schools haven’t released any further updates or announcements for reopening. This means parents should prepare to be more involved in their children’s school lives. While some parents are panicking when it comes to ensuring their children’s educational needs aren’t being neglected during this time, there are many options to keep kids interested in their education. This pandemic allows parents to try out different teaching styles while spending more time with their children.

When thinking about academics, the average person might envision a clock ticking on the wall and a bunch of children seated at their desk, staring at a whiteboard. Learning doesn’t have to be so linear, nor does it have to be done in a stationary environment. The following are just a few tricks parents can use to keep their kids interested in education during the pandemic:




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Jeff Horton

Jeff Horton is a Duluth-based educator, superintendent, technology enthusiast, and believer in representation. Learn more @